THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2017 - The Race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Three days of great fun, concerts, performances, shows, songs, rivalry - all during the Jubilee 10th "Ster na Bydgoszcz".


That were weeks of preparation, of course, but it was worth the wait. Great words of appreciation and thanks to the employees of Bydgoszcz City Hall for the final effect.


I am very happy that for the 9th time we were part of this great event organizing another Great Bottle Race.


I would like to thank the sponsors who supported our activities:




Huge thanks to all those "nameless" who can not be seen and who sailing with us in the rough waters of various problems helped us to overcome all obstacles and thanks to their help we managed to successfully execute another race.

But one of them deserves special appreciation and thanks - my wife, my greatest helper, my greatest support. Without her it would not be possible.


Well, it's time to say a few words about our most important event, the Great Bottle Race. But before the teams entered the water, they competed in two unusual contests:

"beauty" - the teams last week before the race posted on their profiles FB posts, photos and videos to convince Internet users to choose their boat as the coolest - this competition won the team Uncle Tip
"noisy" - fans gathered on the Mill Island making noise with throat and not only decided which team presents best and they like - here to win the winner needed extra time and this team won Sławek & Friends / Pomeranian Gallery

All "water objects" were set on the Mill Island and everyone could see and realize that everything was made of plastic bottles, adhesive tape and stretch film. And what was watching this time around. Every year, the projects are becoming more creative and colorful, and what is more important is the teams are preparing more and more stuff like specially prepared clothes and even films for this occasion.

1. Fort Polska

2. Eximo Project


A little more and we will assign our own "Oscars".

Space shuttle, mutated crocodile, submarine, floating flag, racing car, tank, Viking boat, battle elephant and even bath with shower are just some of the constructions that have fought a fierce rivalry on the palm of victory. Also remember that according to the rules of the race, the drive is only the strength of human muscle.

The captain of the "Your heading on Bydgoszcz" - sailor and traveler Maciej Sodkiewicz gave this signal to the start and started "riding on the band".

It did not work out as usual with no small squeeze at the start, but the fight was played in fair play. The lead has changed several times, and most of the strength in the final was retained by the Archers, American football players, and they raised the trophy of the 9th Great Bottle Race.
We congratulate the winners, but we also appreciate the efforts of the other teams that will have another chance in the next year.

The final classification is as follows:


  1. KS Archers
  2. Fort Poland
  3. Pronatura
  4. Horus Innovative Industrial Materials
  5. Carrefour
  6. Eximo Project
  7. Brotherhood of Warriors "Raven"
  8. Interact
  9. Municipal Waterworks and Sewerage
  10. Employers of Kujawy and Pomerania / Les Higiena
  11. Leroy Merlin
  12. Remondis
  13. University of Life Science and Technology
  14. Uncle Tip
  15. City of Bydgoszcz
  16. Caritas
  17. Slawek & Friends / Pomeranian Gallery
  18. Foundation "Great Family"

Memorable and unusual, like everything in this race, the cups for all the teams started sponsored by Pomeranian Gallery and VST Creative Agency.

Awards for all participants in the form of Mila hair cosmetics was founded by the company Fale Loki Koki.
And for the first 3 teams packages to the Entertainment Park founded by Myslecinek Forest Park Culture and Recreation.



On the safety of all teams taking care of WOPR as usual invaluable.

They are with us almost from the beginning and they support us logistically:


Watching this year's coverage, remember how it was in previous years: 2016, 201520142013, 201220112010 and 2009.


Also great thanks to the companies and institutions that helped us with the organization:





And as usual, at the end of a few words of reflection from the organizer. It was already the 9th race and the teams are still amazed us by their ideas and inventiveness. I am very built on that more and more is happening around the race. More and more time teams are devoting not only to the race, but also to their outfits and widely understood commercials (photo sessions, vides). This is becoming increasingly challenging, because the bar has been suspended high but ambitions to surprise and surprise the audience with something unusual is growing.

But the most important thing for me is that everyone from beginning to end have a great time. I am tired but happy to be able to create something unique again, which we hope will be remembered for years to come.

See you next year at the jubilee 10th the Great Bottle Race.


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