THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2014 - The Race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

Too bad it's over. The next edition of the magnificent water event "Ster na Bydgoszcz" passed into history.

It's hard to describe how exciting things happening on Mill Island during these three days. From year to year there are more and more, which recognizes the growing number of visitors from home and abroad. Organizer, that our city deserve great applause.

The greater our satisfaction that for the sixth time in this event we organized the Great Bottle Race, which this year started 13 teams.

I would like to thank the sponsors, because without their support it would not be possible


The biggest attraction of our race is that with all of the teams have at their disposal the same amount of material and the same material, ie 360 ​​plastic bottles, caps, adhesive tape and stretch film. Of course, the drive is only human muscle power. One word from the beginning have the same and equal opportunities. And it's all ... imagination. And every year the teams surprise us inventing more and more interesting and becoming more and more advanced structures.

The teams themselves have collaborated on as usual and build their boats, that at the end of race on it. This year, I observed two leading trends: some teams opted for minimalism ""visual"" trying to keep their boats as fast as possible and some of the variety put on the appearance of not caring so much so that their boats will not be as fast as the competition. And what is most interesting life writes its own scripts, because it turned out that even with a fast boat and on board two vice Olympic champions from Beijing in rowing does not guarantee a victory.
But the most important thing in all this is fun, so for the same teams and fans who had thronged to the race.

As it became a tradition we started this year's struggle for land starting from the ""beauty contest"", in which fans whistling and shouting choose a boat, which they like the most. This time won ""boat Mateuszek"" which got into the race by winning the qualification ""Happy 13th"".

Emotions before the race were enormous, because the same teams said ""fun ok, but we want to win."" So and treated the prosecution at Brda River very seriously. There was a lot of fighting and at the start and on the distance and the final classification is as follows: 
 1. Horus Innovative Industrial Materials
 2. Unilever Poland
 3. TVP Bydgoszcz
 4. Remondis Bydgoszcz
 5. Employers, Lotto Bydgostia and 10th
 6. University of Technology and Life Sciences
 7. Belma Accessories Systems
 8. Urban Water Supply and Sewerage
 9. City of Bydgoszcz
10. Boat Mateuszek
11. Slawek & Friends and Galeria Pomorska
12. Bydgoszcz football players
13. Wyborcza Newspaper

The safety of competing teams watched as usual WOPR Bydgoszcz.

Teams in addition to the commemorative cupssponsorered by

also received gifts prepared by the City of Bydgoszcz and the winning team also toiletries donated by Unilever Poland.

This year, we also wanted the opportunity to race note guests and fans at a big problem which is the safety on Polish roads. So with all of the teams received sponsored by the Regional Centre for Traffic Movement in Bydgoszcz and its director  Mr.Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz

"magic" tubs, which are part of the action aimed at promoting wearing the reflectives. And teams decide where to forward the tube to educating children, youth and adults to reduce the number of accidents on our roads and streets.

Many thanks to all the competing teams for their ingenuity and work in progress boats and considerable effort during the race. Thanks are also fans who have spared their throats cheering teams. Do not forget also about those who usually do not see, or volunteers and all those who contributed to that so we had a wonderful time together.


Watching this year's coverage, remember how it was in previous years: 2013, 201220112010 and 2009.


And now it's time for ... revenge, because most teams have already announced their willingness to participate in the next race.
So see you next year.

And finally a big thank you for companies and institutions that have helped us in the organization:







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