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Youth exchange in Jordan… somewhere between Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia.

In this neighborhood of about 3000 km from the Polish homeland during the project : „Stories of Diversity and Coexistance” we broke stereotypes for more than week, we were learning about other cultures.

Before leaving, we heard a lot of comments that can implant in us the anxiety and fear, but steadfast decided to cross all kinds of borders, beginning with those about continents - ending the barriers created by themselves.

Palestine, Jordan, Greece and Poland - Asia and Europe, muslims and christians against world's bariers and thinking we were proving that we are the same.

Between 31.03-9.04 we were talking about the diversity, coexistence, the recent shocking events in Brussels. Where camels walking in the desert we made new friendships based on experience and knowledge about our different cultures.

We returned to Poland speaking about it openly as it is. It is impossible to ignore the Palestinian issue, Israel is destroying them without any reason, the place where good and wonderful people live.

The desire to help has appeared in our hearts with redoubled force.. Deciding no longer trust the media, which had almost caused the delayed our departure which finally changed our lives in many different ways. Passion to doing something for others awaken in us, showing roads and opening new doors.

Jordanian sun left traces on our skin, international meetings let us to be more open-minded.

If you want to, you always find a way of life in which diversity is an advantage, not a disadvantage.




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