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LET'S HELP TO THE FLOOD VICTIMS - food and water collecting - Bydgoszcz / Poland


The idea for this action appeared in my head after TV News which showed tragical results of huge and flash flood in Bogatynia and surroundings. There wasn't too much time and it was necceaserry to act very quickly if we wanted to help to people which lost exact everything and stayed without anything to live. In two days I asked many friends and organised all action.

The permission for collecting of food, water and other articles gave us the company

and all thes goods will be deliver in cooperation with Caritas Bydgoszcz.

The action was in 13 and 14 of August in AS Supermarket on Chodkiewicza Street and our initiative supported among other things teams of the youth speedway drivers of Polonia Bydgoszcz,  supporters organized in Polonia Bydgoszcz Netfans and first of all the customers of the supermarket.

The action was related by our media Gazeta Pomorska, Gazeta Wyborcza and Info Bydgoszcz and leaflets and poster printed companies Argonex and VST.

The collected goods was completely unbelievible. And it was only two days. Here is the list:

  • food - about 700 kg
  • water - about 2.400 l
  • leaning fluids - about 200 l
  • washing powders, soaps and similiar products - about 200 kg

and it means 3,5 tons!

Great thanks to all which supported this action. Thanks to you the flood victims will easier survive these tough moments. I'm very proud to say that I'm from Bydgoszcz. Thank you very much  - you were fantastic!

Beeing a part of this action we helped to the flood victims but also shown that other's bad luck isn't indiference for us.


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