DEPARTMENT AND UNDERAGE SHELTER - eco workshops - Koronowo / Poland

It was a completely new experience for us, but at the same time very interesting. And although this time it is an unusual place for us, the subject is still relevant. Ecology, waste segregation, recycling and environmental protection are topics that are still topical and concern us all, no matter who and where we are. What we leave behind our next generations depends on our responsibility. Using our experience, we proposed to decorate the recycling pots with plastic caps according to our own idea. At first there was not great enthusiasm, but after a while the work started in full swing. And as I have said many times - at the beginning they all have the same thing, but the end results are completely different. It was like that this time and the girls showed really great creativity.

#GarageSecondLife is an action that we have been promoting for a long time and, taking advantage of the opportunity, we also presented a mini exhibition and a photo gallery of our "waste products" made of materials such as: plastic bottles and caps, wooden pallets, wine corks, cardboard, wood thrown by the sea, sticks , stones, light bulbs and much more. In a word, what most of us just throw out.

And after finishing work, we were invited to view the gallery of previously made works. We were very impressed with what we saw - drawings, paintings, macramé and many other unique works.

We hope that our stay will increase the variety of materials in future works. And just like us, girls will show that you can give a second life to the proverbial garbage.


Many thanks to the Plast-Mar company from Balczewo, which provided us with recycled pots, to the City Greenery in Bydgoszcz, which donated plants to us, and to the Best-Pol company, thanks to which we were able to glue it all together.



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