LAUDATO SI - workshops - Tyniec / Poland

The Benedictine abbey in Tyniec is the oldest of the existing monasteries in Poland. This is where the workshops for the Laudato Si project animators took place. An amazing place, reminiscent of the scenery from the movie "The Name of the Rose" and provoking many thoughts and reflections.

The first day is a trip in the footsteps of a bygone era and, above all, a meeting with Jewish culture. A fantastic lady guide who showed us around Krakow's Kazimierz and introduced us to the secrets of Jewish intricacies of everyday life, from clothing, through the kitchen, through religious nuances and ending with the rules governing the lives of women and men. For me personally, a unique opportunity to get to know the culture we live next to at least a little bit and at the same time we know so little about it.

The second day is a discussion of our previous activities and evaluation of the project with Agata Otrębska. And after lunch, art classes and "production" of eco-banners with Cecylia Malik, an activist and painter from Krakow. After dinner, the opening of the exhibition of Anna and Cecylia Malik. At the end of the day, a meeting of our group, a show and discussion of previously prepared presentations summarizing the activities in individual dioceses.

On the third day, we participated in the "EKO Logos" conference and the panel "Christian spirituality for ecology" with the participation of Father Abbot Szymon Hiżycki, Father Stanisław Jaromir and Fr. Damian Wąsik. After lunch, we planted trees in the monastery garden. And the last meeting "Where from, how, what next? - The perspective of science in the face of environmental challenges, in search of conclusions" conducted by Marcin Popkiewicz. And the highlight of the day and the raisin on the cake was the evening tour of the abbey.

The last day of the stay began with a walk around the natural surroundings of Tyniec with observations of changes in the local natural environment with Kasper Jakubowski. And at the end of our stay in this unique place there was a panel discussion: networking of cooperation for integral ecology with invited speakers: Cecylia Malik, Joanna Mieszkowicz, Kasper Jakubowski, Sylwia Gajownik, Father Cordian Szwarc.

We come back home tired full of impressions and new experiences.

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