HOTEL JANTAR WELLNESS & SPA - spring eco workshops - Ustka / Poland

The sun is getting warmer, the birds are singing louder and louder, nature is waking up from sleep - spring has come. And if so, it's time for spring eco workshops at our favorite Hotel Jantar Wellness & Spa.

For several years, thanks to cooperation with the hotel owners, we have been trying to draw the attention of hotel guests to problems related to broadly understood environmental protection, to make conscious choices when shopping and to encourage reflection on what we will leave behind for future generations. Our #GarbageSecondLife campaign includes, among others: show that what we consider waste and garbage can be turned into something decorative. This way we have fun, improve our manual skills, activate hidden layers of creativity and at the same time we pollute our environment less.

This time we offered 2 workshops. During the first one, using egg cartons, used cartons and markers, hotel guests, both small and large, conjured up their own unique Easter bunnies.

In turn, during the second workshop, its participants independently designed decorations from plastic caps that were glued to recycled pots, and at the end they planted flowers themselves.

Of course, the hotel guests took these unique works created during both workshops home with them as a unique souvenir from the seaside and the hotel.

Huge thanks to the Plast-Mar company from Balczewo, which provided us with recycled flower pots, to the VITROFLORA company, which provided us with the plants, and to the Best-Pol company, thanks to which we were able to glue it all together.


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