HOTEL JANTAR WELLNESS & SPA - planting plants - Ustka / Poland

Children's Day can have many faces. We were "equipped" by Plast-Mar Balczewo with recycling pots and the Municipal Greenery in Bydgoszcz with plants and we went to ... Ustka.


Why exactly there? Well, because Hotel Jantar Wellness & Spa is located there. Why this hotel? Because its owners are close to the hearts of various pro-ecological activities and they liked our #GarbageSeconLife campaign, which promotes the creative use of what we consider rubbish and waste.

This is our next visit to this unique hotel. And again we invited guests staying here to work together. And it consisted in designing the appearance of a recycled pot using used caps from plastic bottles. Then, when you plant a selected plant yourself, specifically one of several types of ficuses. And such a souvenir could be taken home.

We were all children today, so there was no shortage of hands to work. And those young in body and young in spirit. Lots of ideas, which can be seen in the gallery below.

It is a great satisfaction for us that we could pay attention to the huge problem of rubbish that we all produce, but also show that instead of throwing it away, we can use at least some of it and turn it into something decorative or utility. A few examples of what and how to do it could be seen at a small exhibition prepared by us.

And the biggest thanks for us were the smiles on the faces of children and adults participating in these unusual workshops.

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