ALPHA TEAM - V eco rafting on the Słupia River - Ustka / Poland

It all started 14 years ago in Bydgoszcz. That's when we came up with the #GreatBottleRace. We also managed to organize it "along the way" practise and the race in ... Tunisia. And it was only a matter of time before another race was organized. The question was: where? And since we visit #Ustka several times a year, the choice was obvious. And so the first one took place Bottle Race for the Cup of the Mayor of Ustka.

While organizing this Race, we met many wonderful people. One of them was the team from Diving Alpha Team, which turned out to be the organizer of the Eco Rafting on the Słupia River.

And as it usually happens in such moments, it turned out that we were on the same wavelength and from word to word we came to the conclusion that we would use the bottle boats that were left after the Ustka Race, so that the participants of the rafting could see that on "this" It's possible to swim. In this way, the bottles got another "life".

To our surprise, but also to great satisfaction, the interest in such an unusual competition was much greater than we expected. To avoid accusations of bias, the teams randomly selected the boats they sailed on. There were 3 races, each with 3 teams whose task was to swim to a nearby bridge, break a bottle attached to a string and return to the start/finish line. Not everyone managed to cope with this task. Some ran out of strength and others ended up in the water. But there was still a lot of fun and laughter.

I hope that we will see each other next year at the next Eco Rafting.

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