THE GREAT BOTTLE RACE 2023 - the race - Bydgoszcz / Poland

The next edition of "Ster na Bydgoszcz", prepared and organized by the City of Bydgoszcz, is behind us.




One of the biggest attractions of "Ster na Bydgoszcz", i.e. the Great Bottle Race, was held thanks to the support of many companies and institutions. Thank you :)

Sponsors of The Great Bottle Race



IKEA Bydgoszcz









Friends of The Great Bottle Race




But before the teams launched, there were traditionally additional and equally fierce competitions:


The FaleLok Koki company funded cosmetic sets for all starting participants, and the Museum of Soap and History of Dirt produced specially for this occasion Bydgoszcz soaps.

For the first 3 teams, cups and sets of gadgets were funded by the City of Bydgoszcz.



All competing teams also received commemorative diplomas and unusual recycling cups, for the "production" of which the material was donated by Termofloor.



The Great Bottle Race is not only fun and competition. We wanted to draw attention to the problems with littering our common environment. The pro-ecological aspect has always been very important to us. And that is why I am very happy that all the competing teams received and used recycled bottles to build their boats. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this, especially those who organized the collection of bottles.



The Great Bottle Race, which took place for the 14th time, is a unique and unrepeatable event that has become a permanent fixture in the atmosphere of "Ster na Bydgoszcz" and Bydgoszcz itself. There are many threads intertwined in it:

Despite the passage of so many years, teams still surprise us with their ideas and solutions. Sometimes they can even surprise ... themselves. Because theory is one thing, but water can unpredictably verify even the best plan. But believing in success is half the battle.



And here is the final classification:

  1. Vossloh Cogifer
  2. Miejskie Wodociągi i Kanalizacja
  3. La Mare Houseboats
  4. Telefonika Kable
  5. Remondis Bydgoszcz
  6. Urząd Miasta Bydgoszcz
  7. Belma AS
  8. Niepubliczne Przedszkole "Promyczek
  9. Pracodawcy Pomorza i Kujaw
  10. Spółdzielnia Meszkaniowa "Budowlani"
  11. Projekt Zabytek
  12. Budżetłódka
  13. Muzeum Kanału Bydgoskiego
  14. PakujTo
  15. Harcerze "Forward"
  16. Stowarzyszenie ASPI
  17. Bank Śląski ING


As usual, the invaluable WOPR watched over the safety of all competing teams.



Watching this year's report, remember what it was like in previous years: 20222021, 2019201820172016, 201520142013201220112010 i 2009.


Also, a big thank you to the companies and institutions that helped us with the organization:








And, as usual, at the end I would like to thank all the "nameless" who at various stages helped us in the implementation of this unique project. First of all, the team from the Promotion Department of the City of Bydgoszcz.

Months of preparation really gave us a hard time. As usual when organizing such events, there were many unexpected problems. But we managed to manage everything and all fatigue passed as we saw the smiling faces of the starting teams and the crowds of fans cheering them on.


See you next year  

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