COMMUNE CULTURE CENTER - recycling workshops - Dobrcz / Poland

Many thanks to Mrs. Honorata Szuster, head of the Community Cultural Center in Dobrcz, for the invitation to conduct recycling workshops combined with the exhibition #GarbageSecondLife.


It was another unique and full of surprises experience for us in promoting the #GarbageSecondLife campaign and using what we often call garbage to create something ... what exactly? Most of us take rubbish literally, i.e. throw it away, unfortunately contributing to the formation of another large mountain of waste. And yet they will not disappear by themselves. Something will have to be done with them. And here the question arises - can WE do something about it? Of course, there are many ways. But first, we need to realize that we buy TOO MANY - appliances, clothes, electronics, food. Have you ever wondered how many of our purchases end up in the trash? The most important thing is to consider whether we really need what we buy. And if we want to throw something away, consider whether we can, for example, pass it on to someone else who will use it again. Or, like us, "convert" it into something decorative or utilitarian. Many times during workshops such as this one we found out that human imagination knows no bounds. Today we were helped to convince the unconvinced by our exhibition of various items made of the proverbial rubbish. It was also a form of inspiration and encouragement for you to try your own strength.

And looking at what has been "produced" today during the workshop, I had great satisfaction with what we managed to do together. I also very much hope that the work done here will also be continued in the homes of workshop participants and visitors to our exhibition. And to tell you the truth, I am very curious about your ideas.

So get to the works 

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