HIKING FARCIK - REFLECTIVE FELLOW - Victim blaming, or who is guilty?

A few days after another "reflective" action appeared on FB addressed to my father a very unusual post, in which the author concluded the conclusion that the activities promoting the wearing of reflectors not only do not reduce, but even increase the number of road accidents. My father moved this entry very much and a discussion began in which each party presented its reasons.

The author's biggest accusation was to accuse his father of "attempts to blame the accidents on pedestrians that you do", and "with your activity you persuade drivers that it is not their responsibility to protect pedestrians, and thus contribute to the consolidation our position as the third most dangerous country for pedestrians in the EU. " And, to sum up, another comment - "drive around the villages by bus and make campaigns saying that it is the safety of pedestrians in traffic that depends on wearing reflectives, and the number of accidents involving them will increase. Because it's not the pedestrians who are responsible for accidents but the inattentive drivers". 

I started to think about it, after all I participated with my father in many actions promoting the wearing of reflections and, consequently, improving safety on roads and streets. So what? It would result from the fact that we are even worse than those who cause these accidents, because we kind of create them an "alibi" and the possibility of blaming others, reading pedestrians. But are only drivers responsible for all accidents? Are the pedestrians always not guilty? And finally, is the most important thing to prove to each other, who is guilty and who is more guilty? Human life is invaluable and any action that can contribute to its saving is worthy of support.

After all, I travel with my father on all actions promoting the wearing of reflectives. Every time the father repeats that these activities are directed not only to children, but also to adolescents and adults. And each time it points out that we are all road users with equal rights. No better or worse. Without "guilty" and "more guilty". I do not recall ever being blamed on anyone for talking about reflections. He also always said that security is a very broad concept and the subject of reflections is only a small part of it. Small but important. Many times we returned from various actions after dusk. And from the passenger's perspective, I paid attention to the importance of reflective road signs, which inform the driver well in advance of potential threats. And I would like very much to make pedestrians on the road such specific road signs, thanks to which the driver will increase his vigilance and reduce the risk of creating a dangerous situation. And as a pedestrian I have a reflex, because I want to minimize the risk that the driver will notice me too late. And although the driver is required to perform certain behaviors, I do it for myself "just in case".

And again, I return to the title of this post. Is it possible to call people to wear reflectives for blaming the pedestrians? Will it matter who was at fault for the one who died? And to make it clear - I'm not trying to justify anyone! Death does not choose and does not ask such questions. Is it not worth taking all possible actions that can protect us and our relatives from potentially dangerous situations?

Answer yourself ...

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