HIKING FARCIK - REFLECTIVE FELLOW - What's about this "reflective" bus?

Let's start with the fact that if you do not know what's going on, it is known that it is about money. And where to get it for the production of next "magic" tubes, because it turned out that works well in the daily work of the Police and Municipal Police. But security is something virtual and it is very difficult to convince sponsors to put up a "thicker cash" for something so immeasurable.

The inspiration was racing ... Formula One. During the some race, one of the teams collected money for a charity event and offered fans the opportunity to buy photos and cover 2 cars during the race. But let's agree that the photo size 1cm x 1cm, from the distance of the stands and at car speeds well above 200 km / h is not necessarily well legible. But to my father's surprise, it turned out that over 25,000 people paid £ 15 for this pleasure, which gave the sum of almost 400,000 £! After all, it's "a pile of a doll." And that was it! If you can not find one sponsor who will pay a large amount, maybe the same amount can be collected by finding many sponsors who can afford to spend smaller amounts. Because 1 sponsor, who will give 100 £, it is the same as 100 sponsors who will give 1 £ each. And in both cases, the final amount is the same!

But the theory, even the best one, is not the same as the so-called real. Do Formula F1 races take place in Poland? Of course not. Well, you need to find another vehicle. And again, another daze came to my father. And maybe a city bus? Sponsors should be satisfied, because their logos will be visible throughout the city and the cash from their purchase will allow the production of "magic" tubes. Well, my father went to the first talks to the Bydgoszcz MZK. Oh, it was not easy, but as one of his favorite sayings, "believing in success is half of success". Another and a great challenge was finding and more importantly convincing potential sponsors to pay the cash. The more so because there has never been such a thing before. And again, it turned out that my father's enthusiasm can work wonders. And such a miracle happened! The bus set off on Bydgoszcz's streets.

And it was really just the beginning. It turned out that the idea took hold. And what to do about it now? Or stop there, or ... You probably already guess how it ended? The pushed stone opened an avalanche and in this way we "numbered" with our action already 17 cities - Bydgoszcz, Torun, Inowroclaw, Wloclawek, Plock, Slupsk, Olsztyn, Konin, Chojnice, Brodnica, Ostroleka, Pilka, Gdynia, Gniezno, Lodz, Kolobrzeg and Leszno .

And knowing my father, it certainly will not end there ...

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