HIKING FARCIK REFLECTIVE FELLOW - Reflective Valentine's day

It is approaching February 14 and this is the day we want to give love to our beloved ones. On this occasion, I return to the unusual "reflective" Valentine's Day, which we organized in Bydgoszcz, Konin and Gniezno.

The idea was not to limit ourselves to beautiful words, but also to ensure the safety of those we love, because those who will wear specially prepared for the occasion, reflective hearts will be visible, means safe.
On this special day we were looking primarily for couples of all ages, urging them to symbolically stick to the other person such a reflective heart, as a sign of love, but also to care for her or his safety. At first, people reacted suspiciously, fearing that we would like to sell something to them, but after a while, when they already knew what was going on, a smile appeared on their faces and with great clarity they taped the other person.

See how it looked in:


But my father would not be himself if he did not come up with something again. In Bydgoszcz, for a moment, we "frozen" our helpers. We wanted people to slow down and stay with us at least for a moment. Because speeding faster through life, we have no time for anything and often forget about the most important things. And one of them is the safety of ourselves and our relatives.

It is really great to see that in addition to many roses, couples in love also wore our reflective hearts.

Is it worth doing? Of course! Perhaps thanks to such joint actions we have prevented another tragedy and the smile on someone's face will not turn into tears.

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