I have been very busy lately, but those who know my father, Slawek Piotrowski, know that this is nothing strange. Too many ideas and not enough time to implement them all, so more and more often we have to choose not so much as what we want to do, but how much and if we can do it.

We took part in the Safety with Santa Claus organized by the Bydgoszcz Caritas. We told disabled children and their parents from the Disabled fate assists association, how important is safety on roads and streets. We completed next 5th Bydgoszcz and in total 21th bus as part of our action Reflectives do not sucks. In cooperation with the American football players from the Archers Bydgoszcz club, we shot a unique video. And yesterday we were supporting a bicycle event organized by the RONDO Shopping Center.

Of course, all this to convince children, adolescents and adults that it is worth wearing reflectives, and that REFLECTIVES DO NOT SUCK.

And when I thought that my father would slow down a little, my hopes turned out to be in vain, because the pace is increasing and the bus activities in other cities in Poland will soon be 5 more. Added to this are more and more proposals for participation in other events throughout the country.

It is a great satisfaction for us, but it becomes more difficult to grasp. But for now, we do not give up and we believe that it is worth doing something that can save someone's life. There is no more valuable thing than human life.

Safety has many dimensions and reflectives are one of its elements. It does not matter if you are a car driver, you ride a bike or you are a pedestrian, take care of your safety, your loved ones and all others who are moving along roads and streets.

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