REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Kolobrzeg / Poland

The 16th city on our route promoting the wearing of reflectives was Kolobrzeg. And this was possible thanks to the honorary patronage of the President of Kolobrzeg, a very benevolent approach of the President of Public Transport in Kolobrzeg and cooperation with the Municipal Guard in Kolobrzeg.



Many times on the occasion of our actions, we paid attention to the need to educate not only children, but also, and above all, adolescents and adults, because these two groups constitute the largest percentage of all statistics related to road accidents.

And to this broadly understood education, we use our "magic" tubes, which in a very simple, but also very effective way show whether and why it is worth to wear reflectives. Because the biggest problem with reflectives is not that they do not exist, but the opposite. Millions have been distributed in the country, but people do not wear them. And since most of us have them and know that it increases our safety, why do not we carry them? We often hear that "it does not concern us" or that "such things do not happen to us". We have a saying "a wise Pole after the damage". But could not this proverbial Pole be a wise man BEFORE damage?

However, it must also be said that reflectives are only a part of the problem associated with improving safety on our roads and streets. Remember that every participant in the road traffic, whether walking, cyclist or car driver has the RIGHTS, but also DUTIES and we all must obey the applicable rules without exception.

I would also like to thank very much the companies that have found this initiative worthy of support. Awareness that thanks to such joint actions, we can save even one human life turned out to be stronger than the need to achieve business benefits. And for that great respect.





In our activities, we use materials from the world leader in the production of reflective materials.

Huge thanks are also due to the RIS Advertising Agency for a great job related to the design of graphics and the bus's cover, but also for many valuable hints and additional production of reflective banners that will serve us with our next reflective actions.


And remember that REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK.

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