MAGIC TUBE - shine on - Bydgoszcz / Poland

"Magical tube", continuing our battle for increasing road safety.

Do you know what a car drivers can see in the darkness? How they can see different objects driving and walking on the roads?

This tube gives you a possibility for it by showing in the safe way and in any time!

Great thanks for believing and support, especially to Mr.Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz, director of:


What is it and how does the "magic" tube work?
This is a cardboard tube with a diameter of 12 cm and a length of 68 cm with two metal lids. In one there is a viewfinder (such as in the door) and a button that activates a mini diode that simulates car lights. In the second, from the inside, two human silhouettes are glued - one of the reflective film, the other of an ordinary film.
After closing the lid in the middle of the tube is dark. We ask the person we want to present to look through the viewfinder inside while pressing the button. We ask what was seen. 90% of respondents answer that green man. At this point, we take off the lid with the people and ... there is consternation, because it turns out that the men are two and you can see one. Of course, the one that was made of a reflective film.
And this is the most important moment that shows very clearly that wearing reflectors is not a caprice or "embarrassing", but a matter of security for ourselves and our relatives.

What are the advantages of the tube:
- immediately comparative shows how big the difference is, when the driver goes in the dark and shining with lights has someone in front of him with or without a glance
- it is lightweight and easily portable
- no matter what time of day or night we can show a certain road simulation "in the dark"
- we do it in a safe way, eg in a classroom, not on the road
- one tube - one school, or multiplication of the effect, because one tube can be seen successively ALL children at school
- parents also come to schools (for interviews, open doors, school parties, etc.) and it is also possible for them to understand how important this topic is. That this is not something virtual and that the matter concerns the safety of their children
- the tube has its own power supply (battery), so if someone does not destroy it mechanically, it can function for years
- and what is very important in the case of changing any regulations, we do not worry that, as in the case of, for example, educational books, you need to update them and print again (read the next costs). In this case, the tube is still "current", because we are talking about the correct behavior patterns on the road.
- non-typical as a great asset, because the images are stronger than words. These kids are a picture generation and that's the only way you can reach them
- a teacher or a person who presents a tube can make an amazing story of it by drawing children and their parents to a discussion and appropriately leading the plot to multiply the effect that we care about, that is wearing reflective and BEING AWARE VISIBLY.

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