INTEGARTMUSIC - partnership building activity - Molins de Rei / Spain

In life, nothing comes easy. So it was this time. Working in a large and diverse group of joint planning and international projects encountered many difficulties and require a compromise need to find a solution that will satisfy everyone.

Waiting for us sunny Spain and Molins de Rei - a small town near Barcelona. It was a huge challenge because the project was attended by 30 participants from 30 different countries. And very different culturally, politically and religiously - Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Spain, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy.

Did we meet this challenge? 6 days Iva, Antonio and Edu, our coaches and guides with great commitment led us through the maze of intricate issues of creating good projects and to submit the correct application. And it is thanks to their help and support created some great projects and some ideas for the next.

Big mention should also be organizers, who took care of the comfort of our work, accommodation and food - Raymi thank you very much.

Together with Olga (Belarus), Eni (Albania), Antonio (Italy) and Emre (Turkey) I worked on the project, which we have called JAM (Join Art. Music), concerning, among others, creating musical instruments with the help of recycling. Now it's time to refine details and applications. And if, as we hope, the Italian National Agency accepts the project will be implemented in Naples.

With one afternoon we went for sightseeing Barcelona. We split up into several groups that had different priorities. Despite the well-developed subway, I decided to take walk to get a better feel the atmosphere of this great city. Despite the great distance, and frankly considerable effort, I saw the more and the less-known attractions like eg Sagrada Familia, San Pau Barcelona, ​​Casa Mila, Casa Batilo, the Cathedral, the main street La Rambla and at the end an amazing spectacle of water, light and music, at "magic fountain" Pont Magica de Montjuic.


At the end of the project we also had the opportunity to see in "live" how to build a very populatne especially in Catalonia and the world famous "human towers".


Because of the return flight I had one day "in stock" and decided to refresh old acquaintances and to visit friends in another town near Barcelona Artigues Sant Adria and see how they work and what kind of projects do. And there was a time for a moment of true relaxation on the close and beautiful beach.
In summary it was another unforgettable experience and the opportunity to meet with other cultures and fantastic people. And added value was the opportunity to see many unusual places and a little bit of time lazing on a hot beach and swim in the sea.

But all good things come to the end and it was time to return.

I came back tired but satisfied, very motivated to continue to work and with a head full of new ideas.

The project co-funded by

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