HOTEL JANTAR WELLNESS & SPA - what threw the sea - Ustka / Poland

The hotel is a place where, above all, we are looking for a bit of rest and relaxation after hard work all year round. We also expect good food and professional service. But there are hotels that offer much more. One of them is our favorite Hotel Jantar Wellness & Spa in Ustka.

Its owners and staff make sure that visitors remember the hotel also from unusual experiences, which are unique year-round workshops and animations for adults and children - incl. culinary, magical, musical.

And we are very happy that this is our next visit and the opportunity to share our ecological experiences. Broadly understood ecology and environmental protection are very topical topics, because we all "produce" enormous amounts of garbage, which later land ... well - where. Half of the trouble if in bins or garbage cans. But unfortunately, a walk to the nearest forest or on the beach is enough to see that we are still far from perfect. 

Well, we've all heard about recycling or upcycling. But do we know what it is? And this is the moment for our "performances", workshops based on our long-term campaign #GarbageSeconLife. We show hotel guests what can be made of the proverbial rubbish and encourage them to work together during the workshop.

This time we decided to show that a walk on the beach is also an opportunity to collect materials to make a personal and unique souvenir from the sea. The materials are lying around us, you just need to bend down to get them. Shells, sticks, stones and other "treasures" thrown up by the sea can be used for further work. 

During the last visit, we collected a lot of such materials. The task of the guests was to "pour" their individual idea onto the frames of cardboard and sticks prepared by us. Stones and shells were available.

I would like to emphasize that all materials, except cardboard, were collected on the beach in Ustka during our previous visit.

And the hotel guests, or rather their imaginations, turned out to be inexhaustible. All workshop participants, adults and children, showed great creativity and we all had a great time paying attention to the problem of rubbish and protection of our environment.

We also "touched on" the topic of road safety, i.e. reflectors and our "magic" tube and the long-term action #OdblaskToNieOobciach, and those who wanted to see what it was like to ride "under the influence" could see it using alcohol glasses.

Many thanks to the owners of Hotel Jantar Wellness & Spa for their constant support for pro-ecological activities and the invitation to organize further eco-workshops. That is why the #ecohoteljantar slogan is up-to-date.


I would also like to thank the company Best-Pol Gniezno for the gun and hot glue, which helped us a lot in conducting these workshops.

See you at the next workshop 


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