TALKING ABOUT BUSINESS - How to be socially responsible through ecology? - Bydgoszcz / Poland

During this meeting, we discussed how to promote corporate social responsibility, teaching ecology. Pro-ecological management brings not only benefits for the natural environment and the company's image. It can also affect significant savings.

It was already the 42nd networking meeting organized by the Employers of Pomerania and Kujawy in cooperation with the Tandem Marketing Agency, this time organized in the Intermunicipal Complex for the Neutralization of Wastes ProNatura Bydgoszcz.


I had great pleasure and satisfaction to be one of the invited special guests who could talk about cooperation with various entities on the occasion of many pro-ecological actions and share their experiences in their implementation.

Together with Piotr Kurek, the manager of the promotion department, we talked about the possibilities of various interesting and unusual projects, such as over 7 meter Christmas tree made of plastic bottles, participation in the Great Bottle Race. And this is a good example for the cooperation of a large company and a social worker like me.

Does this mean that by caring for the environment, it can only be done by working with large companies or with great financial support? Of course not! Each of us doing for example shopping should think about what and how much to buy. Do you need a few / dozen plastic bags, or maybe just take a reusable bag from your home. Do we really segregate the waste properly, or throw it away "as it goes" without thinking about what will happen to them. And during the visit of the incinerator we had the opportunity to see a place where the so-called waste should end up. Residual. Unfortunately, a lot of them are plastic and paper, means materials that should go to completely different containers. One would like to say "let him throw a stone, who is without sin."

Each path has its end and beginning. You, me, each of us stands at the beginning of this symbolically recyclable road, and it is up to each of us, without exception, to decide what will go to the end. Small gestures of many people can give unexpectedly great results. So let's not look at others, let's just start with ourselves.

In one of his famous speeches, President Kennedy said, "Do not ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." And what if the word "country" would replace the word "environment"?

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