REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Siedlce / Poland

This time, the action REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCKS went to Siedlce. And this is already the 18th city in which, together with local institutions and companies, we promote the wearing of reflectives.


Siedlce welcomed us with a beautiful weather and in front of the City Hall in the presence of the host of the city of President Andrzej Sitnik, there was a press conference combined with the presentation of a "reflective" bus being a kind of showcase of this action. The bus, thanks to the support of Urban Transport Company in Siedlce, will drive around the city streets for the next six months.


At every opportunity we repeat, the problem with reflectives is that most of us have them, but we do not wear them. Why? Because it does not concern us, because we do not have such things and many, sometimes even absurd arguments. And wearing reflectives is supposed to improve our "visibility" and increase our safety. Ours, our loved ones and other road users.

The policemen from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Siedlce know this very well, and they make every effort to change this situation. We hope that by providing them with "magic" tubes, we will significantly increase the efficiency of their work and make it easier to convince not only children, but also young people and adults that REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK.

But what are these "magic" tubes? Thanks to this action, the very simple "devices" in a simple but very effective way show whether and why it is worth to wear reflectives. Most of us think that this is obvious, but after the presentation they are very surprised by what they see.


I would like to thank the other Partners for the support of this unique project. Also for believing that thanks to such joint actions we can save a few human lives and that it can be safer on our roads.

It is thanks to their support that many Siedlans, looking into the "magic" tubes with their own eyes, will be able to see how important it is to be visible, especially after dusk.




But let's also remember that reflectives are a very important, but not the only element affecting the improvement of safety on our roads and streets. We do not get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, we adhere to the speed limit, we do not overtake on the pedestrian crossing, we adjust the speed to the prevailing road conditions. It is a series of "obvious" things that we should remember, because human life is priceless. A smart person after the damage? Let us finally be wise before harm.


At the end, I would like to thank the Iwonex Printing House for great cooperation, great support and preparation of the bus (graphic design, bus cladding) for everyday trips on the streets of Siedlce.



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