KAYAKMANIA 2019 - eko zone - Bydgoszcz / Poland

KAYAKMANIA is an outdoor event addressed to enthusiasts of water recreation. It is designed for people actively practicing tourist canoeing as well as for amateurs who have never sailed in a kayak. The goal of KAYAKMANIA is to popularize canoeing in Poland and abroad and to integrate tourists from Poland with the city's residents as part of building the City of Bydgoszcz brand.

Every year, Kayakmania consists of a number of racing, show and accompanying events, as well as a picnic on Mill Island with many attractions for participants and residents.

As usual, the organizers stood up to the task.


And we have once again been given the task of organizing the ECO Zone. Together with our partners we have prepared a lot of attractions for children and adults.

In the joint tent Plast-Mar and the Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster, you could see that not all plastics are bad and watch a presentation of various plastic elements that we use in everyday life, e.g. in cars or cells.
There were talks about segregation and recycling using multimedia presentations and schematic tables and a quiz on knowledge about segregation and waste. Pots were also distributed here with which participants traveled to subsequent positions.
In Rekopol's tent there were games and agility games with elements of ecological education.
The tent of the University of Technology and Life Sciences was in turn an exhibition of miscellaneous things made of garbage (plastic bottles, caps, wine corks, cartons, etc.). And what can be done from old newspapers was presented by the "Rainbow" Occupational Therapy Workshop.
In the last tent, with the support of Remondis employees, those who wanted, and there were a lot of them, could actually have to plant their own plant, which was prepared by the Urban Greenery. Why did they have to? Because such was one of the tasks that those who wanted to obtain the Recycler Certificate had to fulfill. And this Certificate turned out to be a hit of the EKO zone, which at times experienced a real siege.

I would like to thank the partners of our zone for great commitment and preparation of individual positions.







Many thanks go to the Urban Greenery, thanks to which many inhabitants of Bydgoszcz took home their own planted plants.


I also thank the Erka Visual Creation Studio and JS Druk printing house for graphic preparation and printing Recycler Certificates.

And the last but huge thanks to Marcin, who devoted all day to support and help us in our activities.


And on Sunday, on the occasion of many different rivalries on the water, the teams Archers, Helgesen, JS Druk and the University of Kazimierz Wielki fought an exciting fight on boats built of plastic bottles and that it would not be too easy to get paddles made of shovels and plastic vegetable cutting boards . The UKW team resolved this incredible competition in their favor. It is a pity that you will have to wait for the rematch until next year.

And in this way two days passed devoted to joint fun, competition, but also pro-ecological education.

Thank you to everyone who visited our ECO zone and see you next year 

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