CHRISTMAS 2018 - sweets collection - Bydgoszcz / Poland

How quick time flies. I do not want to believe, but it's already the 25th jubilee collection of sweets and we can still count on the support of Bydgoszcz inhabitants.

Out of curiosity, I counted how much we collected the sweets from the first collection and to my surprise it turned out that we celebrated this jubilee by exceeding 10 tons of sweets, including 25,000 chocolates. But we would not do it without your support.

Of course, a huge thank you to the Biedronka and Sano chains, because it was in these stores that our collection took place.

And thank you Carrefour Fordon for handing over the full basket of food.


And this time we could count on the help of our friends from the "Big Family" Foundation, the Building Schools Complex, the "Górzyskowo" Association and the American football team Archers Bydgoszcz. We were also joined by pupils from High School No. 3.



There were many nameless volunteers with us and I would like to thank them very much that they opened their hearts and devoted their time to others to make us happy.

Of course, you can not fail to mention those who filled our baskets, because without their support, we would not be able to carry out this collection.


Huge thanks are also due to VOBRO company, which supported our activities with the big top of sweets..

And it is thanks to all of them we managed to collect 585 kg sweets, including 850 chocolates, which went to:

- House of the Social Assistance for Mentally Handicapped of Children and Youth in Kamien Krajenski - 85 kg
- House of the Social Assistance for Mentally Handicapped of Children and Youth in Grabie - 87 kg
- “Children Safety” Association - 63 kg
- "Brave fate assists" - 24 kg
- “Windmill” Foundation – 41 kg
- Family children's home - 115 kg

Gorzyskowo Association - 44 kg
Bydgoszcz Team of Care and Educational Institutions, Socialization Facility, Apartment for Self-Empowerment - 13 kg
- and indyviduals families - 113 kg


Finally, I would like to thank the printing company Argonex, which supports all our actions.

Thank you all, because thanks to you we can help others.

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