BOTTLE CHRISTMAS TREE - recycled Pronatura - Bydgoszcz / Poland

It looks similar and yet different. The same and yet different. This is the fourth time we are building a recycled Christmas tree for Pronatura Bydgoszcz. And for the fourth time we use the same bottles together with Pronatura Bydgoszcz promoting the idea of recycling.


This is, of course, an attempt to return in a symbolic way the attention of the inhabitants of Bydgoszcz to the problem of excessive "production" of rubbish by ourselves. Pronatura conducts many activities aimed at educating the society in this area.

Much has recently been said and written about this topic, but still most of us think that this is a problem that does not affect us directly. But are you sure? Well, it's just one or two sacks that we throw into garbage containers. But if at least every third or fourth inhabitant of our city throws away such a sack, there will be hundreds or even thousands of them. Have you ever wondered how big such a mountain of rubbish can be? Probably not and it is a pity, because maybe it would be an impulse for all of us to do SOMETHING with this. Well, but you will ask and what can we do? Can I change something? Yes! Everyone can. If we start with ourselves and start to pay attention to what and how much we buy, then this proverbial mountain of rubbish will decrease.

Big thanks to Hipernet, who made sure that the Christmas tree was also visible in the dark.




So let's not look at the others, just let us give an example and take care of our common environment.

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