HOTEL JANTAR WELLNESS & SPA - Christmas workshops - Ustka / Poland

Before we knew it, we were in Ustka again. And if Ustka is just our favorite Hotel Jantar Wellness & Spa. Why? Because the owners have been supporting various pro-ecological activities for years, and our workshops fit this perfectly.

What souvenirs do we bring from the seaside? Shells, amber found on the beach, sometimes something from a seasonal stall. Or maybe something special this time? Christmas is coming soon, so during the next eco-workshops, we suggested to the hotel guests that they could decorate the previously prepared unusual Christmas trees with their own hands from ... wine corks.
And this is how unique "works" were created, which the workshop participants took home with them. And there, together with kids, granddaughters, grandmothers and grandfathers, more projects inspired by the action #GarbageSecondLife may be created. Because this is the goal of the workshop organizers and hotel managers, to show that the proverbial garbage can be used in a creative way and create something really special out of it.


Many thanks to the owners of the Hotel Jantar Wellness & Spa for their constant support for pro-environmental activities - #ecohoteljantar and everything is clear.


I would also like to thank the company Best-Pol Gniezno for the gun and hot glue, which helped us a lot in conducting these workshops.

See you next time 


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