HOTEL JANTAR WELLNESS & SPA - eco workshops - Ustka / Poland

Our #GarbageSecondLife campaign is in full swing. We visited Hotel Jantar Wellness & Spa in Ustka once again to conduct eco-workshops for hotel guests. The hotel offers its guests many unique attractions all year round. We are very happy to be part of this. And with the approach of the management and its staff, the hotel definitely deserves to be called #ecohoteljantar.


Last time, we invited our guests to decorate the recycling pots with plastic bottle caps and then plant them on their own. You could take everything home with you. The action was liked by both the guests and the hotel management, so we decided to repeat it. However, we made one change. This time, the materials found on the beach, i.e. shells, pebbles, sticks, were to be used to decorate the pots. We also used the cardboard boxes that we brought with us and glued sticks thrown by the sea to them. In this way, frames were created in which workshop participants created their own compositions. The hotel guests kept surprising us with the ideas and effects of their work. And most importantly, regardless of age, everyone had a great time. Beginning with children, through youth, ending with older "youth". Age was not a barrier. What mattered was creativity and the will to do something extraordinary. And most importantly, it was a unique souvenir from the sea that everyone took home with them.


I would also like to thank the companies that made this workshop possible - Plast-Mar Balczewo for recycled pots, Vitroflora Trzęsacz for plants and Best-Pol Gniezno for the gun and hot glue.


See you at the next workshop 


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