BACK TO SCHOOL - reflective with Green Hill Gallery - Białystok / Poland

Thanks to the Smart Agency B.friend invitation this time we "landed" in Bialystok. And the occasion was the "Back to school" event. As always, we praise the excellent organization and the excellent cooperation.


It was a crazy day full of fun attractions, competitions and many other attractions. Those who visited Galeria Zielone Wzgórze in Bialystok certainly did not regret it.

What awaited Galeria's customers? First of all, various competitions with prizes. But it is not everything. There were also dance shows, wet sponge throws, a robotics department, a children's play area, a health food point and a police table.

And of course we, the topic of improving safety on Polish roads and streets, with particular emphasis on the promotion of wearing reflectives. To convince Gallery's customers to wear reflectives, we presented our "magic" tube and gave away reflective fellows. And for those willing, we offered to check their strength in a slalom in the so-called alkogogles, or simulation of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Bialystok is another city in which we promote our campaign "Reflective don't suck" and we have great satisfaction from a well done job and the fact that many people have understood why it is worth wearing reflectives and being visible after dusk.

And we are already thinking about next actions.

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