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REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - bus presentation - Chojnice / Poland


Once again we visited the Pomeranian province. This time, after city of Slupsk, our action visited Chojnice. And, as usual, its purpose was to promote the wearing of reflectives and thus improve safety on our roads and streets.

The most noticeable part of our campaign, was an exceptional bus, whose presentation combined with a press conference held at the Old Market Square in front of City Hall.

I would like to thank the Municipal Transport Undertakings in Chojnice,

because it is thanks to the kindness company executives the bus will be driving for the next 6 months on Chojnice streets and promoted wearing reflectives.

Bus "pressed" a hand of Advertising Agency Certus, which took care of graphics, printing and taping the bus. Great work.

Town Council supported our action by honorary patronage of the Chojnice Mayor and a great help in the preparation and organization of the presentation and press conference has gave us Commandant of the Municipal Police. An important part for further activities will also be the District Police Headquarters in Chojnice.

But the bus, though unique, was not the most important element of our joint campaign to promote the wearing reflectives. "Magic" tube, it was what we most wanted. You're probably wondering why such a name, and what is their purpose? Soon this to convince, because the tube equipped with Police and City Guards will move among others to Chojnice's schools and kindergartens. Some of it went into the hands of sponsors. I do not want to give away too many details, because you have to see it yourself, but dodging the veil of secrecy I can only say that you will be surprised how big is the difference between those who wear reflectives after dark glare and those who do not wear it.

An equally important part of today's presentation were our little guests, or children from Chojnice's kindergartens and schools. It was crowded, loudly, colorful and ... reflective. Partners and Sponsors strongly emphasized that education of the youngest is very important, but also their parents and carers. And the children promised to "ensure" parents to wear reflectives. We hope that we will see results soon.

And here's a big thank you for company Omnidruk, that support our activities.

Many thanks to those, that with their support it was accomplished. Thanks a group of exceptional companies that have trusted our idea and were willing to support this unusual action. And all of this, that you and your loved ones will be safer.

But we had a very unusual support of people who liked the idea of this action, supporting it but at the same time wanted to remain anonymous. We'll "send" them that smile just as a big thank you

At the end  once again a huge thank you to the Partners and Sponsors of this unique project, because without you, this action does not come into being.



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