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REFLECTIVES DON'T SUCK - the bus presentation - Wloclawek / Poland


Faced in the Square Grodzki with the many gathered representatives of government offices, institutions, sponsors, sports clubs and schools, I asked myself the question: what are we doing here? The answer was obvious! We are here to show that safety has no borders. Both of these real ones, because we are in Bydgoszcz and the action takes place in Wloclawek, but also the mental. Borders and barriers we create in our heads. And this unusual press conference and presentation of the special bus has shown that it does not have to be. Because in such an action may participate anyone who wants to be on our roads safer. It's not just our action. It's a joint effort and joint actions of government offices, various institutions, commercial companies and athletes led to the fact that this unique action took place. In fact, place of employment, age, gender does not matter if we all have one common goal. The purpose of this is mainly to promote wearing the reflectives, not only among children but also among adolescents and adults.

I am very happy and I have a great satisfaction, because it's another city after Bydgoszcz, Torun, Inowroclaw, where on the streets went another unique bus. It moves the Wloclawek streets for the next six onths arguing that "THE REFLECTIVES ARE NOT SUCKS".

I would like to thank the Office for the City of Wloclawek and especially President Marek Wojtkowski for taking this action honorary patronage and for the great help and support to the Director of Wloclawek WORD at the same time the Chairman of the City Council Jaroslaw Chmielewski.


We are very pleased that our campaign issupported by

and great kindness was from

Educational activities will take place not only in Wloclawek's schools and kindergartens, but also thanks to the cooperation with the basketball club

some of them will be also held in the Champions Arena.

We had great coopration with the Advertising Agency Arrus

through which the bus has gained this unique look.

And at the end I would like to very warmly thank all the sponsors that believe in this unique project and that a joint effort we can really improve safety on our roads and streets. And it is thanks to their support we could realize this unique project and produce "magical" tubes, which in a very simple but yet very effective way to show whether and why you should wear the reflectives. Tubes and reflective fellows will go, among others, to Wloclawek primary schools and kindergartens.
Thanks a lot.


And another sponsor who has taken an additional challenge what is volunteering. 3 Wloclawek's director of the branch offices of BZ WBK bank

will personally participate as volunteers in activities to promote the wearing of the reflectives at the same time arguing that volunteers can also be an adult person and what is very importantly, even those that perform management.

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