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EUROGREEN - Partnership Building Activity - Elche / Spain


Nice memories connected to this place and people but this time replaced me Helena. And here is her story.

In a hurry from the very morning – from one plane, to the second one and the third one. I knew it was just a forecast of the busy week. Well, it could not have been differently, as the trips organized within “Youth in Action” program are not recreational trips.

This meeting called PBA – Partnership Building Activity took place on eastern coast of Spain, near Alicante between 29.05-3.06.2012. There were 21 countries involved with one representative from each – beginning from the European Union e.g. Italy and Spain, through countries of eastern side like Russia or Ukraine, with those from southern-eastern Europe, that is e.g. Macedonia and Georgia, ending on Palestine, Egypt and Jordan as Muslim countries. During six days spent together we got to know the main aims of the program “Youth in Action”, we became familiar with the most important tips concerning applications and we created our own propositions of youth exchanges, seminars and training courses. And everything under the name of the meeting “Eurogreen”. Although what was the most attracting thing, it was a wonderful beach and warm sea seen straightly from the windows of our hotel. It is not new fact that the best way of integration in the group was ‘heating up the bodies' altogether and the intercultural evening.

The summary of these six days but also of thirty years of the activity of the hosting organization ACD La Hoya was the dinner for two hundred and fifty guests related with the organization. For us personally it was the end of the PBA but at the same time the beginning of the cooperation on developing our projects. Let's hope that a very fruitful one.


The project was supported by “Youth in Action” programme.

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